Ten decorative gifts for Father's Day

We are already Friday and I bet some of you still have no buy father's day gift, it is true that every year that passes to choose seems more complicated, because as they say we have everything, but there are also a lot of original things that we can surprise you with, no scarves, shirts or ties, decorative gifts They can be a great idea.

So since you are still in time to buy, from Descosphere we want contribute some ideas, so that later you don't say that you didn't buy because you couldn't think of anything, you don't have to spend a lot of money, it's just a matter of thinking about what you might like and looking for a detail that can fit with your personality, please and surprise you.

1. Accessories for wine bottles

If your father is lover of good winesSurely he would like you to give him some bottle accessory, such as this decanter aerator that we see in the photo. We can also serve caps to store the bottles after opening or covers to cool them ... there are a lot of accessories created around the wine culture, surely there is something that does not have and that you would like to be given.

2. Inspired by the Rubik cube

Maybe you haven't played much with the Rubik cube, but I bet that your father does, if he is one of those fans of the mythical game, you should know that today he has become very fashionable as a decoration inspiration and that there is a lot of accessories inspired by him, like the speakers in the photo, but also cups and even furniture with its shape.

3. Reinvented classic decoration

This proposal is already something more risky because not all parents will like it, to buy something like a cardboard bull head we must be certain that who we are going to give it to him will like it, it is something that is a trend in decoration, includes cardboard and is shaped like an animal, such as bear-shaped shelves and many other similar furniture and accessories that we have seen, but obviously it is not something conventional, now, if we succeed with the right person, you can love it.

4. Something nice and daring

If you go from conventions and want your father to know that you remember him but without sentimentalities, rather with something funny, you can opt for something like this feeder for menOf course it is not valid for parents with little sense of humor because they could be offended, but if you know that your father likes jokes, something like that will certainly start a smile.

5. A practical detail for the fridge

Something that was fashionable years ago, then stopped seeing each other and is now a trend, are the fridge magnets, of course we are not going to give a normal magnet for Father's Day, but there are those that can play a role, by example those that serve as a bottle opener, there are also to place photos or to leave notes ... even to tweet, it is a matter of taking a look between the offer of magnets and choosing the one that we like the most.

6. A complement for your worktable

If your father is one of those who they take work home, you can think of something that helps you in your tasks and at the same time decorate your table, for example a lamp or some other accessory for the desk, a boat for pens or some other type of organizer, although I am not very much in favor of gifts related to homework, I know that many people are excited.

7. A nice touch for traveling parents

And if you have a father like mine who what he likes most is travel, and does not give you the budget to give it away with a Mediterranean cruise, for example, you can give him this fun world map, it is a scratchy map in which one is scratching the places you have visited and thus the map is filled with color.

8. A different frame for your photos

The Photos and the Photo frames They are always a very useful gift, of course you have to look for something original, the silver frames are already very well seen, maybe one comic type Like the one in the photo, it is best to give it away with photos and the comic made, so it will have more personal and sentimental value.

9. An original radio

If your father likes it listen to the radio at all hours, or to listen to music or to be aware of the news and debates, you can give him a small radio for the bedroom or one for the shower like the one we see in the photo, so you can be aware of what happens in everything moment.

10. A complement for your smartphone

And since I'm sure that by now many parents have a smartphone, the accessories and accessories for him are also a good option, in the image we have the complement that allows us turn it into a table phone, in case your father is a modern classic, who does not quite get used to the use of his mobile.

And so far these ten ideas of today, the truth is that I can think of many more, tweeting details or something related to Facebook if your father is a user of social networks, some vinyl with an image that he likes, maybe a cushion inspired by some of his hobbies ... And if none of the proposals convinces you, you can take a look at our Details section for ... maybe, there you will find inspiration.

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