Plan to renew the carpets: trends that will make you fall in love

For these holidays, that you are going to have a lot of guests, the real cold starts and you are looking for cozy and beautiful details to have the beautiful and warm house, join the plan to renew the carpets, with them you will get a cozy and current look, since they are the fashion accessory.

But not everything goes, today we tell you the trends of the moment, which will make you fall in love. Looking at the most outstanding interior design projects of the season we see the role of the carpets, in general beautiful pieces made of wool or vegetable fibers, whether they are long or short hair, usually in natural tones and with sober Moroccan-inspired designs.

Leroy Merlin brings you all these proposals that you will also find on their website. Infinity of designs with different formats, colors and materials, choose a carpet and renew the look from your home No need to change the furniture completely and make a great expense.

In earthy, gray and beige

This season's proposals have a look neo-rustic, in which the extremely natural palettes based on earth, cream and black tones stand out, with a very sober, comfortable air and with a masculine touch.

However if you want to add a color point and you are looking for a more boho chic air in your home, the classics killims Reddish, gray, mustard and blue colors are perfect for this style. In any case we look for sober and very natural color combinations.

Carpets of vegetable fibers or wool

As for the materials of the moment, there are basically three, the woven wool carpets, the braided vegetable fibers and the skins, those of long-haired wool of sheep or those of cow are the ones that we most often see.

There are no limitations of shape and size, everything goes, although classic rectangular and round formats prevail. Vegetable fiber circulars have become very fashionable, they are a must have it's from the season. In addition, plant fiber rugs offer a large number of designs, braids and formats.

With very simple or plain geometric prints

For this winter your carpets come with very simple or even plain geometric prints. Generally, those with short-haired wool go with geometric patterns, especially rhombuses in black, earth and gray on white or beige.

Instead the carpets of vegetal fibers usually go smooth in earth tones, although beautiful designs with geometric patterns begin to emerge in a very simple palette, like the one we see in the following image, they are gorgeous!

The rhombuses are the protagonists, choose the design that best suits your decorative style, white rugs with extra large rhombuses in black are very extreme, they are valid for both a very sophisticated home and a natural space. The killims with colorful filled rhombuses look great in the lofts and Boho Chic interiors. And the skins adapt perfectly to the Nordic spaces.

What's new: Dare with sheep or cow wool skins

The most novel of the moment are, without a doubt, animal skins, the most cowgirl version and at the same time the most cosmopolitan are cow skins, we will find them in contemporary homes mixed with classic design pieces, look for in this element to add a natural touch in addition, to add warmth to their spaces.

The More homely and Scandinavian version are reindeer long-haired skins, which is dark and that of sheep's wool that exists in infinite tones: white, gray, brown, black or stained, to choose between different lengths of hair. They are a line of decorative products whose design oscillates between the Nordic tradition and modernity, with which they are suitable for any interior.

The prices of these carpets tend to rise a lot, however there are other synthetic options equally beautiful and effective with a beautiful finish, with the advantage that not only can you choose between the allowed skins of cattle, but you can use skins of exotic animals such as zebras or leopards.

In any room of your home

The carpets of this season are so sober and basic that you can put them in any space, their versatility makes them the wildcard decorative element that Fits any decoration, color palette and space. From a study or hallway, to a children's bedroom, through a dining room or living room, they look wonderfully good everywhere.

If you like to walk barefoot, putting a carpet is perfect to give warmth to the Neorustic homes with microcement floors or in the design apartments with hydraulic tile. But even if you have a cozy wooden floor, putting a rug of long wool leather in your reading corner to read barefoot, is perfect.

Another basic is to place a carpet at the foot of the bed, especially for the coldest, it is both decorative, very practical and cozy. Imagine getting up and putting your feet on the floor on a beautiful carpet of long or short wool hair… mmmmhhh

Mix them with wood, muslin and skins

If you are looking for a look Natural dress your floor with animal skins or vegetable carpets and mix it with materials such as wicker, vaporous textiles, leather and metal, they combine perfectly with handicrafts made of straw, such as baskets, baskets or lamps. Mix furniture and accessories with perfect finishes with raw materials, rough and irregular finish.

But if instead you want to create The perfect Nordic home, opt for a short-haired wool rug beige with diamond pattern in black or earth tones, dress your wooden floors and walls in white tones and fill it with Mid-Century design furniture made of natural wood, next to upholstery in extra pastel tones.

For the lofts and Boho Chic homes everything goes, although the most appropriate are the killims and the most complex designs of plant fiber carpets. Fill the diaphanous spaces of carpets of different colors, designs, formats, materials and textures, and even overlap them.

They adapt to any decorative style

Although the decorative style of the moment is the neo-rustic or natural, the Boho Chic and the industrial these wonderful carpets adapt to any look. Use these same designs and materials, and help yourself with the color so that they adapt to the color palette of your home and thus fit perfectly.

Even the most prestigious and emblematic designers in the world have fallen in love with these rustic and cozy carpets. Charles and Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen and Le Corbusier had one in their homes, cold spaces of design and contemporary lines that found a counterpoint in the rudeness and naturalness of these warm accessories.

As you see there are many alternatives to give a new and cozy air to your home and on the Leroy Merlin website you will find many more options. It is important that they adapt to your decorative style, choose the right color and material to get this look Natural so nice.

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